Men’s Styling

men's fashion stylist Mid Wales Ceredigion


Did you know that your choice of clothes can help you look healthier, more professional, and even make you look younger?

Choosing the right clothes means you need to take into account:

Skin Tone
Hair Style & Colour

After taking all these things into account, you’ll be advised on how to choose the right shades to highlight your natural colouring.

You’ll receive a personal wallet of colour swatches, along with advice on how combine different colours and patterns to bring out the very best in you.

Don’t forget that your glasses and accessories can also have a huge affect on the way you look – so we’ll look at those too!

A men’s styling session costs £150 and includes a wallet of personal colour swatches plus an invaluable book full of simple, straight forward rules to help you dress to impress.



*Developing a love of shopping not guaranteed!